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To Foreign customer

Sell & Buy Vintage and Used Guitars
Authorized Dealer of
Totem Guitars / Spalt Instruments
Thorn Custom Guitars ,
Tonfuchs Guitars ,
Lollar pickups ,
Kluson tuners

Open 12:00`19:00
Closed on Wednesdays and 2nd & 3rd Thursday

We accept bank wire or " Paypal " for the payment.
Please inquire availability and estimate including shipping cost.

E-mail us to order :

About rosewood fingerboard guitars :

We have to notice that it takes 3 weeks or so to ship the guitars contain rosewood.

We have to get the "CITES" from Japanese government before exporting rosewood for the Washington Convention.

We might not accept your order because it takes a long time
and a lot of documents to get the permission.

Also you might need a permission from your government to import rosewood guitar.

Please ask the government by yourself.

Caution : We do not accept any cancellation for overseas sales.
Also please note that country specific Import Duties and VAT Taxes are not included our price
and are the responsibility of the customers.

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