Tonfuchs Guitars は欧州ドイツで製作されるブティックカスタムギターで
Uwe Schölchにより1本1本魂を込めて作り上げられます。
****Tonfuchs ( トンフークス ) 英語で言うTone Fox****
定評のあるLollar pickupが標準仕様となります。

2015年12月よりFar East Guitarsにて正規輸入代理として国内に紹介していきます。
まずは少数ながら2本のTonfuchs Guitarsを導入し、展示販売を行います。

 Each Guitar is handmade by myself in my workshop, close to the city of Heidelberg.
Every Instrument with all its features is one of a kind.
But all have as standard, finest air dryed woods, best hardware components,
real nitro cellulose finishes and Lollar pickups.

After ten years’ experience in professional guitar building and repairing,
Uwe created the first prototype of the bulldog model in 2004,
followed in January 2005 by the founding of Tonfuchs guitars.
Since then, he worked to master his handcrafted,
world class instruments beyond the mainstream.
From beginning to end, each part is made by Uwe himself, without using CNC machines.

Last update 2019/09/15

Tonfuchs Guitars Bulldog 2015 New 498,000 Detail
->398,000yen Sale price

Tonfuchs Guitars Bulldog " Moto-Cult " series Zündapp 2015 New SOLD Detail

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