Navigator Esparto Transparent Black 1970s SOLD
Year : 1970s     1970年代製。ESP 設立当初のモデルでセンボディ、ラージヘッドストック、メイプル1pネック4点止めのストラトコピーです。

プレイコンディションは良好で、現在ネックはほぼストレート、トラスロッドは両方向に余裕あり。使用弦:Daddario 010-046 。調整済、当店の1年間保証をお付けします。
Body Sen
Color : Trans Black
Neck Maple 1p
Pickup Original
Bridge Original 11mm pitch 6mm Arm
Tuner Original
Frets 65%
Weight 3.6kg
Case Non Original Soft case
Repair 配線ハンダ修正、トレモロスプリング交換、アースシールド処理。
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Made in 1970s. Sen body , large headstock , 4 bolt neck joint , maple 1p neck.
In the early years of ESP establishment.
The width of the neck plate is narrow.
The pickup is a single coil sound with an edge effect, and it is a character that is fully appealing even now.
It seems like a musical instrument has been over 40 years old, you can experience a sense of unity.

Repair history : Re-soldered on circuit wiring. Tremolo springs were changed. Shield treatment on control cavity. Lack of tremolo bar.
Condition : A lot of dents and scratches.
Using D'Addario 010-046 gauge strings , the neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 65% height.