H.S.Anderson Bask Bass Black 1977 Used 59,800yen
Year   1977   1977年製。


Body :  Original
Color : Black
Neck :  Maple 1p
Pickup :  Original
Bridge :  Original
Tuner :  Original
Frets :  70%
Weight :  4.6kg
Case :  Non original SC
Other Pickguard交換、ネジ穴痕あり。
  < Description >
This is a copy model of 1970s block position era Jazz Bass.
I think that it has been copied well and be in at the time, but 4th string side has a little closer to the inside because the width of the bridge is not aligned with the pole piece of the pickup. The sound of the 4th string is larger than that of the other string for that. I feel this as a charm. Will it just me?

Repair history : Pickguard was changed. Extra pickguard screw holes. There is a gap between the control panel and pickguard.
Condition : Playing wear , scratches and dents.Strap pin of under has dent in a little body.
There is a difference in level between the xylem and neck binding , skank stripe and neck back xylem.
The neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 70% height.