H.S.Anderson Bask Bass II Natural 1976 Used 99.000yen SOLD
Year   1976   1976年製。

修理歴はPot x2 , Knob x2 , Jack . Nut , ブリッジアース線交換。コントロールキャビティ木部ザグリ。ナットは新しく交換済。電装系は当店で新品に交換しましたのでガリノイズなどはありません。
Body :  Sen
Color : Natural
Neck :  Maple 1p
Pickup :  Original
Bridge :  Original
Tuner :  Original
Frets :  65-70%
Weight :  3.82kg
Case :  Non Original SC
Repair Pot x2 , Knob x2 , Jack . Nut , ブリッジアース線交換。コントロールキャビティ木部ザグリ。
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"H.S.Anderson" is one of the rare Japanese vintage guitar to come out on the market these days.
This is a copy model of 1970s Precision Bass. Sen body , maple 1p neck. Nut width 42mm. Slightly thick neck grip.
I think that it has been copied well at the time.

Repair history : Pot x2 , Knob x2 , Jack , Nut was changed. Re-install bridge earth line. Small routing in the control cavity.
Condition : Playing wear , a lot of scratches and dents.
The neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 65-70% height.