Guyatone EB-5 Used 35,000yen ( Tax in )
Year   Unknown    
ジャパンビンテージの代表格”グヤトーン”のオリジナルベース。年式は不明ですがおそらく1960年代から1970年代にかけての生産と思われます。スケールはショートで約770mm ( 30" )、ナット幅は約39mmです。1ピックアップでVolume , Toneのシンプルな構成となっています。ブリッジカバーが欠品ですがロゴマークやネック裏の型番が記載されているシールが残っており、貴重な資料となりそうです。

修理歴はフレット擦り合わせ。トラスロッドは両方向に動作確認済、フレットは部分的に約50%位の残りです。使用弦:D'Addario EXL170M 045-100。
Body Original
Color Sunburst
Neck Rosewood on Maple
Pickup Original
Bridge Original
Tuner Original
Frets 50%
Weight 4.4kg
Controls Volume , Tone
Case Non Original SC
Repair フレット部分的に擦り合わせ。
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Original bass of Japan Vintage's representative Guyatone. The year is unknown, but it is probably produced during the 1960s and 1970s. The scale is short, about 770mm (30 "), and the nut width is about 39mm. One pickup has a simple configuration of Volume and Tone. The bridge cover is missing, but the logo mark and the sticker model number on the back of the neck remain. It seems to be a valuable material.

In terms of playability, the neck is slightly wavy, and even at normal string heights, depending on the position, if you play strongly, you will get buzz. About tuning machines , when you lower the tuning, you'll notice that the gears spin slightly before engaging the gears. There is some noise in volume and tone pots , but it is not in a state where the sound is cut off. Please consider these conditions when purchasing.
Repair history : partially fret filing. The truss rod has been confirmed to work in both directions, and the fret is partially about 50% remaining. String : D'Addario EXL170M 045-100.
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