Fender Mexico Deluxe Dimension Bass Black 2013 Used SOLD
Year : 2013     2013年製。プレシジョン・ベースとジャズ・ベースを世に送り出したフェンダーが、新たな世界標準を目指し誕生させたモデル。

Neck: Maple, "C"
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5"R, 21F
P.U: Dimension Humbucking
Control:1vol, 3Band EQ
18V Preamp with Active 3-Band EQ

使用弦:D'Addario 045-105 。調整済、当店の1年間保証をお付けします。
Body Ash
Color : Black
Neck Rosewood on Maple
Pickup Original
Bridge Original
Tuner Original
Frets 80%
Weight 4.0kg
Case Non Original Gigbag ( Warwick )
Repair None
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Made in 2013. Ash body , rosewood fingerboard.
No repair history. All original parts.
Condition : Miner dents and sctratches. Otherwise very clean.
Using D'Addario 045-105 gauge strings , the neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 80% height.