Fender Japan TL62-US 3TS 2006-2008 Used SOLD
Year   2006-2008     2006-2008年製。Crafted in Japan "S"シリアル。アルダーボディ、ローズウッド指板、USA製ピックアップ搭載モデル。

現在ネックはほぼストレート、トラスロッドは両方向に余裕あり、フレットは約70%位の残りです。使用弦:D'Addario 010-046 。社外品汎用ソフトケース付き。
Body Alder
Color 3TS
Neck Rosewood on Maple
Pickup Original USA
Bridge Original
Tuner Original
Frets 70%
Weight 3.2kg
Case Non Original SC
Repair フレットすり合わせ、ストラップピン交換、12フレット周辺指板木部補修。
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Made in 2006-2008. Crafted in Japan "S" serial era. This is a copy model of 1960s Telecaster. Alder body , rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with USA made pickups. Nut width 42mm. Slightly thin neck grip.
Repair history : Fret filing. Strap pins were changed. Fingerboard Xylem was fixed around 12th fret.
Condition : Minor dents and scratches.
Using D'Addario 010-046 gauge strings , the neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 70% height.
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