Fender Japan ST72-53 OWH 1997-2000 Used SOLD
Year   1997-2000     1997-2000年製。

修理歴はNeck止めネジ穴木部補正。キャビティシールド処理。配線修正(アース処理)。Out put jack 交換。
現在ネックはほぼストレート、トラスロッドの余裕あり、フレットは約75%位の残りです。使用弦:D'Addario 010-046。
Body Basswood
Color OWH
Neck Rosewood on Maple
Pickup Original Japan
Bridge Original
Tuner Original
Frets 75%
Weight 3.8kg
Case Original SC
Repair Neck止めネジ穴木部補正。キャビティシールド処理。配線修正(アース処理)。Out put jack 交換。
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This guitar is a copy model of circa 1972 Stratocaster. Large headstock , Basswood body , rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with Japan made pickups , featueres sharp single coil sound.

Repair history : Two 3-bolt screw holes in the neck were fixed. Shield treatment in the pickup cavity. Earth wiring between pots were added. Output jack was changed.
Condition : Some peeling paint wounds on the body. 2 wounds on the neck side.
Using D'Addario 010-046 gauge strings , the neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 75% height.
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