Fender U.S.A. American Vintage 75 Jazz Bass Natural 2008 Used 138,000yen
Year : 2008     2008年製。アッシュボディ、3点止めメイプルネック、ブラックブロックポジションマークの1970年代ジャズベースを復刻。

現在ネックはほぼストレート、トラスロッドは両方向に動作確認済、フレットは部分的に約70%位の残りです。使用弦:D'Addario 045-100 。
Body Ash
Color : Natural
Neck Maple 1p
Pickup Original
Bridge Original
Tuner Original
Frets 70%
Weight 4.2kg
Case Original Black Tolex case
Repair アース線追加。フィンガーレスト取り付け。
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Made in 2008. This is a reissue of 1975 Jazz Bass , Ash body , 3 bolt joint black block position neck.
Pickups were changed to Kent Armstrong. Features sharp fat sound. The original pickups were not included.
Repair history : Capacitor was changed. Earth wire added on pots. Finger rest attached later.
Condition : Miner dents and scratches.Using D'Addario 045-100 gauge strings , the neck is straight , the truss rod works properly and the frets remain 70% height.